It is Silvery in color, unique in shape, has a smooth surface similar to glass, and reflects daylight.

This rare kind is also known as ‘Elite Noble Shungite.’

This mineral was found only in Karelia. It contains high energetic potential due to the amount of carbon and contains large amounts of fullerenes. The exact point of origin of this extraordinary Shungite on earth has not been identified as yet. These are a scarce class of minerals. It is usually excavated out of the ground manually, as it is very fragile.

Classification of Shungite stones

Shungite stones are classified into three types depending on their carbon content. Class III that is the regular one contains 30-50%, and type II is Petrovsky and contains 50-70% of carbon. Type I is the purest form, and hence is called noble or elite shungite as it contains 90 to 98 percent of organic carbon content and the remaining 2% is a variety of chemical elements from the periodic table. The deposits of this unique variety of shungite are incredibly scanty, and it amounts to less than one percent of all the minerals found on earth’s surface. 


Carbon: 98%

Nitrogen, Oxygen: 0.9% 

Hydrogen: 0.3% 

Ash content up to 0.8%


  • It is a perfect natural healer and energy stabilizer.
  • It provides comprehensive protection against geopathogenic stress.
  • This mineral has proven to have powerful crystal vibrations to keep your mind, body, and soul in harmony.

Benefits and Effects

  • It protects us from EMF radiation from electrical appliances.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • It has several anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It helps in cellular detoxification and rejuvenation.
  • It Enhances energy.
  • It helps in accelerating the healing process.
  • It assists in the spiritual journey and gaining empowerment.
  • It helps in the restoration of emotional and physical balance.
  • It enhances personal power.
  • It helps in grounding self.
  • It offers protection from negative vibrations in general, including psychic attacks.
  • Small elite nuggets are used to make an energized infused water to keep yourself balanced and healthy.

How to use it

  • It is used to make elite shungite water for detox.
  •  This stone is widely used in various fields of science and medicinal experiments.
  •  It is also put to use for complex treatment of people from various diseases
  • Place the nuggets made of the mineral near your computer or laptops to protect yourself from EMF.
  • Using these stones while meditating also helps in attaining peace and balance.
  • These stones can also be used as home decor due to their beautiful shine.
  • This mineral is used to saturate the water with minerals and fullerenes.


  • This is very fragile for processing and breaks easily; therefore, it cannot be used for making pyramids, spheres, and cylinders, which can be manufactured only from classic shungite.
  • The known deposits have depleted already.


This form of carbon is rare and is not found anywhere else in nature. They all are of a unique shape, and most of them are full of cracks, which makes big solid pieces even rarer. There have been many theories regarding the origin of this mineral and its formation. 

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