Shungite is known for neutralizing the waste and harmful elements in water and enriching water with positive components. Shungite particles have bipolar qualities; hence it is highly adhesive and can be mixed with any substances. Water infused with these components can help against a vast array of diseases and illnesses, such as problems with digestive systems, respiratory issues, skin diseases, and muscle pain. 

Shungite water filters are made for the use at home and offices just as another regular water filter. 

Types of shungite filters

1) Shungite cartridge for a pitcher filter

It is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of water filtration. You need to fill water in the pitcher and wait for about an hour or two. This purifies only a limited amount of water, which implies that the water used for cleaning, cooking, washing, or bathing is likely to be polluted. Therefore, to get permanent access to clean water and to ensure overall protection, you should pay attention to more sophisticated ones.   

2) Whole-home water filtration systems

This type of filter is aimed at providing you with clear water from every faucet in your house. In these filters, some other filtering materials are usually used along with shungite such as carbon. Experiments prove that shungite combining with carbon increases the quality of filtration. These filters clean the water of all pollutants, including petroleum products.

 3) Under-sink shungite filters

It is one of the most efficient ways of filtering water. These types of filters operate on the mechanism of reverse osmosis filtration. It implies that contaminated water passes through a thin shungite membrane at high pressure, and all polluting elements remain behind. The significant advantage of these filters is the ability to purify as much water as you need.

How do they work?

Shungite reacts with water not only like an adsorbent or filter element. It has a catalyst and cation exchange qualities. Shungite has the potential to clean water from all organic compounds, namely phenols, fatty, high molecular acids, alcohols, metals, bacteria, and harmful microorganisms. 

You need to refill it with fresh shungite powder when required and enjoy the perks of enriched water. Some filters are plugged directly to your water system, whereas others can be applied separately. 


  • These water filters are the easiest, fastest, and most comfortable solution to get unique shungite-purified water. 
  • Another benefit is the long life-span of these filters. They can be put to use for an extended period than other filters without compromising in purification quality. You do not need to purchase new cartridges too often, which helps to cut extra costs.
  • Use of Shungite treated water is recommended for the treatment of various illnesses – including asthma, liver and kidney diseases, diabetes, immune-related diseases, cardiovascular, and many others.


For the last decades, a lot of studies based on research have been published on the filtering properties of shungite stones, and now it is very famous for its cleansing characteristics. Shungite water filters came into commercial use in the 1990s, and you can now have the chance to experience shungite water cleansing at your home since it proved to be beneficial.

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