Shungite is a purifier stone and helps to shift negative vibrations from the environment. When worn as sacred adornment, you can take the power of this most adored stone with you wherever you go, in any situation. Those who believe in crystal healing say this stone shields the wearer from electromagnetic radiation, balances cosmic energies, and aids us in attaining a higher state of consciousness. 

Your fingers are primary means to feel, give, and receive the power. Hence, these rings will let shungite positive healing power of the Stone flow into your body, improving stress resistance, healing emotional blockages, and improving your well-being. It is best for people who want to carry a positive aura in style.

Does Size of the Stone Matter?

Believers often think that even the slightest of change in the dimension of a shungite material can create a lot of difference. Some carry a large stone, while others may have small standard-sized stones. A lot depends on the size of the stone, so one should always choose wisely. If you love wearing large-sized rings in your fingers, then you may consider buying one matching your desired specifications.


The benefits of shungite stones have been known for years, and people in ancient times used to take the help of this stone to conquer negative energies. So this ring can positively elevate your life for the better.

The Best Rings made of Shungite are listed below:

1)Sterling Silver Promise Ring

Description: This gorgeous shungite ring is silver in color with a high-quality platinum finish. Multi-size faceted shungite are prong-set in the graduating pattern. It is Designed with exquisite filigree on edges; this fantastic ring is comfortable to wear. Perfect wear for any special occasion such as anniversary, engagement, weddings, party, and also keep you protected.

2)Sterling Silver Platinum Plated Ring

Description: This ring is lightweight and comfortable and has a lovely setting. It comes with a large shungite stone which has abundant powers. The Chrome flipside is barely visible. This is Perfectly finished. The stone has a purple high in light.

3)Sterling Silver Platinum Ring

Shining Bracelet! Sober Appearance! Natural Russian Stone! One of its Kind!

Description: This gorgeous ring is made of platinum-plated silver, which makes it genuinely worthy of possession. It helps you by soothing insomnia, detoxifies, and purifies the body, mind, and spirit and corrects imbalances in your body to create overall balance.

What is unique about these rings?

  • Alluring designs: These rings are carved beautifully and increase the grace of the wearer.
  • Use of polished shungite: polished stones enhance the look of the ring, making it more lustrous.
  • Healing Capacity: Wearing a ring made of shungite will not only make you look elegant, but it will also shield you from the potential geopathic events.
  • Size of the shungite stone: The dimensions of the stone are large and make these rings attractive and draw the attention of the beholder.
  • Shining and attractive: The Stone used in each ring has a glossy finish, which makes it more beautiful due to the shine.


Shungite Rings have become increasingly popular in present times due to its curative properties. Shungite is sometimes also termed as the “Stone of Life” due to its varied advantages. It is a significant stone, and it is often believed that it will be more worthy and valuable than gold in the years to come. Shungite is attaining a reputation as a “miracle stone” of the 21st century!

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