Have you ever imagined how much radiation all the cell phones, computers, fridges, TV sets, tablets you use every day, emit? These radiations put you at high risk.

In today’s society, it is impossible to avoid potentially harmful Electromagnetic Fields due to the use of technology in every sphere of life. The Pyramid made from Shungite is an ancient symbol of harmony and unity. Its base is considered to symbolize the body, the sides are your spiritual practices, and the point is the higher self.

What Makes Shungite Unique?
Shungite has a unique structure, and it contains pure carbon atoms, arranged as connected pentagons and hexagons forming a sphere. This novel molecule is called fullerenes. Almost no materials in the world include these fullerenes, and it is these unique molecules that can transform artificial EMFs into biologically compatible frequencies, neutralizing their negative impact.

Best Pyramid

A popular item to protect your home or office against EMF radiation!

Description: This is the best seller product and in high demand. It is sourced from Zazhoginsky Mine in Karelia, Russia. It protects against the EMFs by transforming their properties. It also provides a powerful positive influence on its environment by making negative vibes turn to positive. Despite its protective properties, it also has a positive impact on the whole organism at multiple levels.

A User from the United States says: “This is a great Shungite crafted pyramid. The Pyramid is beautiful, but most important is REAL Shungite. I tested it with a simple circuit: a red led, a 3v battery, and the Pyramid. It conducts electricity very well. I’ve tested the EMF properties of the pyramid using a Trifield TF2 detector. The RF radiation from my microwave oven reduced from 12 mW/m2 to 5mW/m2( the reading was in milliwatts). This Pyramid is fantastic, in my opinion!”

How to use it?

  • You can also set it somewhere in your home from where you can look at it daily so you can redeem yourself from anything that no longer serves you.
  • Put near the places where you spend a long time during the day, such as near the bed, on your desk, etc.
  • Meditate with this stone by placing it in your palm. This would help you attain greater peace and ease or freedom from health concerns. 
  •  The installation of shungite pyramids in an office will effectively increase the working performance of people present around them.


  • It offers protection and freedom from any fear.
  • It helps in bringing balance to your life.
  • Liberates you from anything that no longer remains in your best interests.
  • It also improves the emotional condition and the nervous system.
  • It activates positive thoughts and moods.
  • It also facilitates good sleep and helps in improving unstable or disturbing sleeping patterns.
  • You can also use it for root chakra healing.


Shungite Pyramids are no doubt marvelous in their action, and it’s not by chance that these pyramids have become the most popular products made of shungite. It is one of the most reliable shields against geopathogenic impact.

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