It is nothing but a finely crushed fraction powdered form of precious shungite stones, which are crushed with unique and specialized equipment. It usually comes as a powder of 1 to 3 microns, and the most common sizes are 1-3 and 3-5 mm. This powder is produced easily, and the price of this product is less than the cost of genuine raw materials from which this powder should be made.


Shungite powder has the same unique protective and curative properties as shungite itself such as

  •  Antibacterial
  •  Anti-Oxidant 
  • Anti-inflammatory


It has varied uses, which range from health and beauty to agriculture and construction and various other purposes.

In Water purification

  •  Sand is a widely spread filler for under-sink water filters, filters’ cartridges, and more sophisticated filtration systems.
  • Contaminated water passes through the powder at high pressure, and all polluting elements are collected, and water gets rid of all the contaminants.

In Healthcare & beauty industry

  • It is widely used as a filler of body pads as it helps in reducing pain, and speed up internal processes and tissue recovery.
  • Cosmetologists strongly recommend adding it to your ordinary face or hand cream as it enhances the nutritional value of beauty products and overall anti-aging effects.


  • It is mixed with other organic fertilizers and accelerates the growth of plants, regulates humidity conditions and temperature, stabilizes mineral composition of the soil, thereby increasing its fertility.
  • It is beneficial for gardening as it replenishes the soil and removes pesticides.

In Construction & decoration

  • It is often regarded as a stylish coating material and is for decoration.
  •  It can help you in creating a stunning design with elegant black painted walls or some small black accents.
  • This powder can be used to create conductive paint, mortars, and plasters. 

The other popular uses are: 

  • It is applied in industries to produce silica carbides, nitrides, ferroalloys, and other polymer materials.
  • It can be applied periodically to the body where specific amounts of dystonia occur and help relieve movement.
  • It is used in ointments and compresses, which helps in relieving affected sinus areas caused by acute rhinitis to relieve and reduce swelling of the membranes.
  • This powder is also used to make shungite paste, which is also a useful component and used for several purposes. To make shungite paste, you should mix shungite sand with water in the proportion of 1:2 and thoroughly blend until the paste gets smooth and creamy.
  • Pour some water into your Shungite powder to create a smooth, creamy paste to spread a thin layer of Shungite paste on your skin and affected areas.
  • It can be used for making jewelry. For example, some pendants with little bottles can be filled with this powder.
  •  It is mixed with olive oil and taken orally as a mineral Supplement to food.


 This powder is available on various platforms over the web, and everyone will be able to satisfy his demands. Shungite powder is not toxic; in most cases does not cause side effects and is known for antibacterial properties, improving metabolism and blood circulation.

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