Electronic gadgets are something without which humans cannot live. These gadgets are necessities; therefore, we have to look for ways of protecting ourselves from the harmful radiation that emits from these devices. The radiation does not affect us immediately but gradually over time, which is one of the significant problems related to it. Therefore, If you want to protect yourself while still using these gadgets, then you have to look for a means that will protect you from the EMFs. 

The easiest way to get acquainted with shungite is to wear necklaces made of shungite to protect your energy field. Regular shungite is mostly preferred to make necklaces, bracelets, and pyramids because it can polish and shape quickly than elite Shungite.

When to Wear these Necklaces

It is recommended not to wear them always- you should wear them for an hour and increase the duration gradually as you feel the effects.

The Best Shungite Necklaces are mentioned below:

1) EMF Protection Pendant

Description: These pendants are not just trendy, but they also provide EMF protection from our modern world that is full of electronic devices. It also attracts positive energy, making the person wearing it feel joyful calm. Wearing a pendant over the heart, which is the most receptive chakra, is very beneficial for the user.

2)Shungite Pendant

Description: Shungite has an age of about 2 billion years and called a “miracle stone.” This necklace has strong healing qualities as it treats, cleans, saves, heals, protects, and normalizes your organism.
Shungite protects the human biofield neutralizing the negative impact of different types of radiations such as EMR or EMFs.

3)Elite Shungite Crystal Pendant

Shining Bracelet! Sober Appearance! Natural Russian Stone! One of its Kind!

Description: This Elite Necklace brings balance to your physical and energetic body. Wearing shungite purifies, detoxifies, and heals the energy systems throughout your body. It is the most powerful crystal to wear, as Elite Shungite contains about 98% of organic carbon, which makes it the rarest and most beneficial forms of shungite.

4)Spiritual Necklace

Shining Bracelet! Sober Appearance! Natural Russian Stone! One of its Kind!

Description: These pendants are well- known for increasing the overall efficiency of people and their energetic field. They are preferable for everyday protection from geopathic stress and EMF radiation. Moreover, they don’t have a date of consumption; they can be used limitlessly.

5)Shungite Stone Necklace

Shining Bracelet! Sober Appearance! Natural Russian Stone! One of its Kind!

Description: This comes in a simple and perfect form, has a minimalist style, and is a compelling pendant with high vibration. These pendants personify the harmony of the four elements of Nature; the fifth element is the future owner of this miracle.

Why wear these Necklaces

  • The area around the neck is more vulnerable than other parts of the body when it comes to daily exposure. The bones in the neck are also the most fluid.
  • They help in minimizing the effects of EMFs on your health.
  • Wearing a Shungite pendant can help relieve pain, as well as make improvements to nerve damage caused by a sudden impact or traumatic nerve paralysis in specific circumstances.


If you use your Shungite necklace repeatedly, then you need to clean it and recharge it often. It will make your necklace more reliable and efficient.

Wash your pendant in water and place it outside for 2 hours and expose it to direct sunlight for cleaning it. They can be beneficial for obvious stated reasons.

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