One of the most pressing concerns in the modern world is the threat of electromagnetic radiation emitted by different electronic devices on a large scale. EMF can be a reason for several health issues ranging from headaches, sleeping disorders, lack of energy, and lower attention capacity to several long term illnesses. Fortunately, shungite is well-known for its properties of blocking EMF, since it captures the EMR and makes it human-friendly. Moreover, shungite items’ lifespan is unlimited; they can be easily recharged and used over again.  

Why Wear Shungite Jewelry?

Shungite also can protect your energy field from harmful energies due to its unique properties. It is useful both when it is in direct contact with us or placed close by, which means wearing Shungite jewelry is not only fashionable but very functional.

Wearing shungite makes you come in contact with it throughout the day, which helps to heal the body, encourages a peaceful environment, and balances the energy fields. Wearing shungite also helps if you have a health concern to aid in the detoxification practice. 

Jewelry Sets

These sets include a pair of earrings, a pendant, and a bracelet. These sets are known for being a large, powerful shield against EMF radiation, geopathic stress, and any other forms of negative influence.

Shungite Earrings

Due to the close location of earrings to the brain, these will help you concentrate, boost your memory, and stay focused, especially during heavy workload.

Shungite Bracelet

These bracelets come with Shungite stones that can be worn in wrists to keep us protected from Electromagnetic Radiations. These bracelets make you feel stable and secure no matter where you are.

Shungite Necklace

The necklace is a widely preferred option as it enhances your aesthetic beauty along with protecting you against EMF radiations and other health benefits.

Shungite Ring

These rings are a source of energetic protection, a talisman to keep our auras safe, stable, and immune to negativity. These are effective and make you look beautiful. These rings stimulate numerous bioactive spots in your fingers related to cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, and digestive systems.


  • Personal EMF protection daily due to its ability to absorb EMFs.
  • Shungite helps to clear the body of any flawed patterns and helps you to better connect with Earth’s grounding energy.
  • These help in Chakra balancing and relieving stress.
  • Wearing it results in Improved health as it boosts the body’s immune system.


Shungite jewelry has multiple protective properties that allow us to feel safe and joyful. The jewelry pieces are designed perfectly for everyday protection against harmful influences. 

Wearing this jewelry gives you a great chance to shield yourself from electromagnetic frequency radiation that surrounds us densely due to a vast number of electronic devices and gadgets in our proximity due to the modern world of technologies. They make you look attractive and eye-catchy along with providing you with protection in good taste, hence becoming more and more popular all over the world.

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