Shungite has benefited a lot of people in different ways, be it healing their anxieties or overcoming their fears to many other uses. By researching, we got some of the experiences of people who had an amazing experience with articles made of Shungite.

1)Shungite Stones Calm your nerves 

Gizelle wrote: “I just felt an immediate change in myself and my surroundings after using Shungite stones and the urge to purchase more Shungite (which I have just done). Incredible that anything could promote such a quick change in a person’s feelings and perceptions. I have to say, Shungite is now my favorite of all stones! Very uplifting.” 

2)Shungite Bracelets possess Protective Qualities

Robert Shares his experience, stating: “I wear Shungite all the time. When I first put my bracelet on the first day, I discovered its power. I was cooking, and a spark from my broiler shot towards me. It turned in mid-air and went into my bracelet instead! I am convinced of its protective qualities at every level.”

Another user said: “The bracelet has helped me with my mobility – it’s perfect.”

3)Shungite Sphere heals Chronic Illnesses

Jenny says: “After 14 years of chronic problems, I have not had a single one since having a large Shungite sphere in our bedroom. I have tried so many things to manage them – from herbs to physio to yoga as well as medications, but the best I could achieve was a few days of relief. Nothing ever got rid of them. It’s now been two months and not a single headache, and I haven’t changed anything else.”

4) Shungite pendants transform your Negative Vibrations to Positivity

One of the users said: “I love my shungite pendant with the green aventurine stone. The minute I put it on, I felt the vibrations around me change for the better. I am less stressed and more focussed and feel more grounded than I ever have been. I wear them every day!

I have been wearing the donut pendant made of shungite for about a month now, as a pendant, or sometimes merely carrying it in a pocket. A primary reason for carrying it is to harmonize EMF radiations.”

5) Users of Shungite Powder seems extremely happy

Liza says: “Pleased with the quality of the shungite powder – it has formed a vital part of my electrostress solutions and also pleased with the tumbled stones which I use when traveling, especially at airports. The pyramid was to help in our car – which it might do but is not adequate for Bluetooth etc. that we aren’t able to turn off.

Henrick says: “I’m using it to filter, clean the water for drinking, and also use shungite water for cooking, sometimes to wash my face. I placed three shungite stones and tape it to the pipe next to the showerhead. As of now, this clean shower water helps me to have smooth skin and soft and manageable hair. The broken ones I placed inside the shampoo bottle.”

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