We are well aware of the fact, how shungite is beneficial to humans in so many ways, and due to its metaphysical properties, it helps in healing, and people benefit from it. Apart from capturing radiations, it also helps in improving circulation and stamina.

Shungite Bracelets are one form through which these crystals can be in possession and acquiring great benefits. These bracelets have these mineral beads enclosed, and wearing them keeps them close to your body, which has its advantages. It also helps in protecting cells of the body from harmful free radicals. These bracelets have an excellent ability to absorb EMF from electronic devices placed near the user.

Top 3 Bracelets

There are a variety of bracelets, but the ones that are worth reviewing ad stand out among the others are :

#1 Keled Rocks Bracelet

Dense! Solid! Stylish bracelet!

Description: This is a great bracelet with a shungite stone that has high vibrations and comes from the real mine in Karelia from Russia, which is the only place where high carbon content shungite is available. It is suitable for the practicing Reiki, meditation, and protection of your energy field. This bracelet comes with loosely enclosed beads, and both males and females can wear it.

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#2 Wallystone Gems Bracelet

Stylish! Durable! Unisex bracelet!

Description: It is a sturdy protective bracelet that shields the wearer from negative energies of all kinds, including psychic protection. It removes negative energies and thoughts. It also shields from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, cell towers, TVs, etc. It provides healing on all levels, be it mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual.

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#3 Zenergy Gems Charged Natural Russian Bracelet

Shining Bracelet! Sober Appearance! Natural Russian Stone! One of its Kind!

Description: These bracelets come with charged natural Russian shungite, which makes it different from others. It is loaded with energy and can prove to be an excellent remedy for anyone who is in a toxic environment and is around EMF, EMR’s all day. It also keeps you grounded in stressful times at work

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The Best One!

Based on review and customer ratings, the best among the top 3 mentioned above is Keled Rocks Bracelet. This bracelet is the best choice for people looking for healing through bracelets.


Shungite Bracelets are all-natural, safe, and useful to wear, given the multifaceted advantages. These are highly preferred as they are the most inexpensive solution to protect against negative energies.

However, there is a lot of duplicacy where sellers dupe the customers by providing shungite with least carbon content which is less than 10% and call their bracelet a “genuine product” So, you need to be cautious and verify a product’s carbon content before buying. These bracelets do not carry any side effects since there is no credible evidence that shungite is harmful in any way, which makes it a popular product among customers seeking physical healing through crystals.

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