Shungite healing properties include: grounding, protection, purification, and the same applies to the beads made from Shungite.

Shungite beads might be polished or unpolished and with or without holes, but these do not differ in their efficiency. These can connect with parts of your nervous system that other types of Shungite stones can’t reach as easily. 

How are these Beneficial to us?

The properties of these beads will absorb the negative energies as your hands work the beads, and soon your focus, and mental strength will return. This calms your nerves as the essential component of the beads begin to react with your nervous system and work wonders.

Description: The beads are made of type III that is regular shungite stones. Type III shungite contains up to 50% of carbon. Beads made from Shungite and used with the right combination of clothing make you look stylish; these beads enhance your aesthetic beauty. Available in various shapes and sizes, beads allow you to create compelling and beautiful items based on your preferences.

A User from the U.S. Says:

 “I like black shungite pearls. These came on time in perfect packaging and worked out amazing for all the bracelets I have made. If this supplier or company had any other rare earth metals and stones to offer in bead form, I would surely purchase them. One major thing though I’m finding with buying beads and stones is nobody is willing to supply a certificate of authenticity in their packaging. It has me very skeptical as to whether or not they are genuine or how pure they are. As for feeling the effects of the stones, even in combination with blue kyanite, I have yet to feel. But I will have to ask my family after many weeks of wearing them now if they noticed any changes. My mom has stated that she has felt more awake, energetic, and calm during the first few days of wearing them almost immediately. placebo or not, that’s something, and I don’t need the effects of these stones because my chakras have already been cleansed and purified, and it exists on the 5 to 6th level of consciousness; therefore, my mind and throat chakra are open and pure.”


  • The Shungite beads can be used as relief stones and massage for many parts of your body.
  • These beads can also be used to purify water.
  • They can be used to stress on pressure points of the arm and parts of the head for different therapies.
  •  While you sit on the sofa or chair, place them on the floor beneath you, and roll them back and forth with the souls of your feet to soothe your feet and avoid stiffness.
  • The beads will protect you from the harmful effects of EMF.
  •  Working with the beads helps you bring back your focus and mental energy.


The beads made from Shungite can either be used in raw form or polished ones for making necklaces or bracelets. These can be effectively used for a long time by ensuring regular cleansing and charging.

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