Shungite is a compound that contains 60 carbon atoms shaped like a sphere-shaped hollow cage. Many studies are examining it as an antioxidant and a sponge that can soak up free radicals.

Advocates of Complementary/alternative medicine have suggested the healing effects of placing crystals strategically on different parts of your body or around your home.

What is Cancer according to Energy experts

Cancer is stagnant or blocked energy for energy workers and intuitive; it often appears black to them, where there should be bright colors. Healing crystals put the light back into the body, targeting and opening the blockages to let it flow into the area where it is needed most. Stones that put new life in the cells purify the mind and body, restructure DNA so that the diseased cells can go back to normal, create balance, and stabilize by grounding the healing energy into the person’s body.

What Causes Cancer?

According to healers, It may be due to the foods that are being consumed, the company we are keeping, the products we use, or only the surroundings. Cancer can also come about due to the holding back of energies, our creative powers. We hold back for so many reasons so long that our body enters into a shutdown mode slowly over time.

Cancer comes in many shapes and forms and is the body’s way of notifying us to know that we need to pay attention to our lifestyle.The cancers that are unfamiliar to today’s licensed practicing drug dealers are due to the radiation that everyone assumes evaporates or dissolves.

Properties that helps in Cure

Because of its features, makeup, shape, and fullerenes, it can enter the body and be absorbed by HeLa cells. With the combination of using fullerenes and light radiation, this creates enough oxygen that damages the DNA, proteins, and lipids, which constitutes the structure of the cancer cells.

Enough cellular damage due to the properties of shungite will force the cancer cells to go through apoptosis, which is the process of cell death. Ultimately, this reduces the size of the tumor and can substantially eradicate the Cancer from your body.

Some Positive Testimonials

##1 Hilary Says: A dear friend of mine has a beautiful daughter named Bridget. Unfortunately, Bridget, while she was six, was diagnosed with bone cancer. While she was heading for her treatment, I designed Bridget, a bracelet with many of the stones combined with shungite. She wore them throughout her experience at St. Jude’s Hospital. I visited and brought her crystals throughout her journey to help and support her through her chemo, amputation, and countless other procedures she was going through. She kept them with her all the time, as she also believed in the healing power of each crystal. Thirty-two rounds of chemotherapy and an amputated leg, she now got rid of Cancer! However, results are always dependent on the individuals’ actions, mindset, receptivity, belief, and ability to handle the flow of energy. Control your mindset, as a positive mindset always leads to positive results.

##2 Mary Says: My Shungite friend Lacy is 83 years in age. She received her kit and then got to know she had Cancer. She is taking treatments for her tumor. She is undergoing chemo and radiation treatments to shrink Cancer, so it leaves the body. She is two weeks into her treatments, so about 1/2 way through them. She only has her Shungite nuggets for her water with her. She is drinking on Shungite water. She has noticed that when the ones are getting their treatments while she is getting hers, all leave the room dragging back to their hospital room. She feels good after surgery. She has not mentioned losing her hair yet either. She has two more weeks to see how she does. She feels good when others do not feel good from the same kind of treatment.


Broadening your mind and making it accept new ideas and concepts opens up different possibilities of healing the body and ways of living that truly benefit each one. If we do not believe that it is possible, how can we manifest something in our reality?

Important Note: This article is written by someone who is not a medical expert and is formulated solely by researching. Crystals can, however, never be a replacement for medical advice. You should seek proper medical attention if you feel unwell.

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