Shungite is a powerful stone that immensely benefits human-beings, and hence taking care of this precious mineral is imperative. Though this mineral is so powerful that we use it to cleanse other crystals. These crystals help in charging other precious stones to reinstate their positive energies. Taking care of crystals by cleansing and charging them helps them infused with positivity and keeping away the negative vibes.

Why is Cleansing Needed

  • You can cleanse your Shungite crystal every week, or you can choose to do it once a month to ensure that the properties of the stone stay with you for an extended period.
  • Cleansing helps in maintaining the shine of crystals, making them look beautiful and lustrous.
  • It also enhances the filtering capacity if we use the stones for filtering water.
  • It Keeps away the negative energies from the stones.
  • Extract the maximum benefits and harness the positive energies in full capacity.
  • If we are using these stones for long, they might get stuffed with electromagnetic energy in full capacity. The stones then put the negative energy back into the atmosphere, not being able to absorb negative energies anymore; therefore, they need cleansing.

Ways of Cleansing Shungite

  • You can wash it with water and dry it under sunlight or moonlight for at least two hours.
  • Use warm water and soap for cleaning, which works wonders with it.
  • It would be best if you rinse it under running water first and then boil it for fifteen minutes. This method will help to clean the mineral of all unnecessary and harmful energy thoroughly.
  • Observe the following procedure once a month to restore the filtering capacity of the stones’ surfaces. Use acidic water by mixing one liter of warm water with some acid. If you use shungite as a filtering and purifying component to make shungite infused water.
  •  Keep it immersed in a weak shungite soak in a weak solution of baking soda, table salt, or acetic acid once or twice a month for 2-3 hours and then profusely rinse under running water. Not only to ensure that the filtered pulp cleans, but also to extend its cleansing capabilities.
  • Crystal bowl music is compelling, and the sounds emitted by the bowl will resonate throughout the room, each container has a different note and vibration, which helps in cleansing the crystals.
  •  Rubbing Shungite crystals with white sage also cleanses them.
  • Crystals can be carried over the burning candle so that the fire could destroy the negative energy accumulated in the stones and also charge them with positive powers.


Preservation needs proper care, and to keep Shungite new and long lasting, cleaning is required. Regular care helps Shugnite in lasting long as it works excellently without dulling its shine and effectiveness. Looking after the crystals is one of the indispensable activities to keep them infused with positive energy. Therefore crystal maintenance holds a lot of importance to keep them working on a long term basis.

Shungite necessarily does not need cleansing, but those who are adamant can do so to keep the shine intact.

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