Shungite is a soft stone and is one of the earliest rock formations that is about 2 billion years old. It is one of the well-known natural materials known to contain fullerenes, which are potent antioxidants and is believed to be found only in this mineral. It was discovered in the village of Shunga, in Russia and so is named accordingly to indicate its origin. The main deposit is situated in the Lake Onega area of Karelia, at Zazhoginskoye, near Shunga, and another one at Vozhmozero. These sites are believed to have high temperatures, which contribute to the purity of the mineraloid. Deposits have also been found in Kazakhstan, Austria, Congo, and India.

It has two main modes of occurrence one is widely spread within the host rock, another being mobilized material. Migrated, which is lustrous, has been expounded to represent migrated hydrocarbons and is found as either layer near amenable with the host rock layering, or seen as cross-cutting veins. It may also occur as sandstones within younger sedimentary rocks. Some scientists have made a hypothesis that because of it’s high carbon levels; it may have originated from biological processes that broke down microscopic organisms in ancient oceans.

How much does it cost?

Elite Noble Shungite Stones costs $88.90 while the raw shungite costs $39.90 for 2 pounds.


It is elementary noncrystalline carbon with a metastable structure incapable of graphitization.

The Chemical composition comprises of:

  1. Unique Carbon: ~30% – 60%
  2. Silicon oxide: ~45%
  3. Complex silicates such as mica, chlorides: ~20%
  4. Sulfites: ~3%

Compressive Strength : 100-276 MPa

Porosity : 1.9 to 2.1 gm/cm3

Density : 2.2 to 2.4 gm/cm3

Hardness :Variable

This stone possesses powerful cleansing and healing properties, which bring more pure and spiritual pleasure. 

How is it Used?

Used to purify water by the following steps –

  1. Rinse the stones under running water without using soap.
  2. Put the stones in a jar and pour cold water in the following proportions: 100g of Shungite in per liter of water and cover it or place a medium-sized stone in a pint glass of water.
  3. Leave them for 30 minutes undisturbed, and the water will be cleansed. For better results, it can be left in the water for 2-3 hours.
  4. In order to enable the water to acquire all of the healing properties – leave it covered for 8-10 hours or soak them overnight.

Used for metaphysical healing in the following way –

  1. Due to the presence of natural fullerenes, this black stone carries strong purifying, detoxifying, and cleansing properties. 
  2. To keep yourself protected from toxic people and negative energies, wearing jewelry or carrying a piece in your pocket would help.
  3. Using these crystals, in combination with other crystals, can help in reaping specific benefits.
  4. It could be used to control hyperactivity in children by having them wear pendants or Necklace made of these stones or giving them small doses of shungite water.
  5. Meditating with harmonizers made of this mineral helps in experiencing the grounding potential of this stone to the full extent.

Used for EMF Protection in the following way –

  1. Place it on your phone as the back cover to minimize EMFs radiating from your phone.
  2. Wearing it as a bracelet on your left hand can protect you from EMFs on-the-go.
  3. It can be placed as a pyramid on your laptop or desktop to reduce EMFs from your computer.
  4. It is beneficial to place a pyramid on the electrical distribution panel of a house to keep away the harmful radiation.

Shungite for Chakra Balancing

If our root chakra is balanced, our mental and physical health will be excellent too. It is located at the base of the spine and is considered to be the survival center (“Muladhara”). It is a powerful stone and extensively used for balancing root chakra by shielding you from all negativity of the outer world, creating a favorable environment for Muladhara activation and further spiritual development and empowering yourself.


  •  It has been used for centuries and carries ancient energies, and is now being utilized in the most modern technological applications by the scientists while conducting several types of research. 
  • It is used as a folk medical treatment.
  • The use of products made of this mineral, such as pads on the waist, hands, shoulders, and back helps in curing many ailments.
  • Its metaphysical properties help in chakra balancing and neutralize the negative bioenergy that can surround us. 
  • It is an excellent remedy from all earth borne diseases.
  • This mineral is used in the Center for health and balance, in various fields such as Skills/Knowledge area, Career area, Helpful People/Travel area, and for diffusing negative energy in any room.
  • It shields you from electronic pollution, which comprises electromagnetic radiations given off by electrical equipment like mobile phones, computers, televisions, and microwaves. 
  •  It helps in easing anxiety, insomnia, and even acne or inflammation.
  • It is increasingly being used to invent products, which include solar electric generating devices in place of silicone, in makeup to stop UV damage. 
  • Its use has a lucrative health effect on the process of water purification.
  • It could be used to ease you from the fatigue experienced during long journeys.
  • It is extremely useful for boosting the immune system by eliminating toxins, bacteria, and viruses.


  • It protects you from electromagnetic frequency if you keep it near electronics. 
  •  Water infused with shungite helps in improving health.
  • It deals with base Chakra, also activates the opening and stimulation of the Earth Chakra, which helps in keeping you grounded and also has a strong connection with the earth, which is an aid for spiritual grounding.
  • It permeates your aura with light, allowing only positive energies to reach your body.
  • It prevents electrical sensitivity
  • It helps you in letting go of negative attachments or addictions.
  • It stimulates Rejuvenation, Protection, Guidance, Spiritual Growth, Transformation, Healing, Spiritual Elevation, Lightbody Activation.
  • Those who work among sick or mentally ill people will benefit from it as it keeps negativity away.
  • Its jewelry is a great way to capture the benefits of these powerfully protective properties of this stone.
  • Meditating with it calms down and comforts the user. It absorbs negative energy and emits only positive energy. 

Side Effects

Though this mineral works wonders, it too has some minor side effects for sensitive people.

  • People with susceptible sleep patterns can experience sleep disorders or even insomnia
  • If you suddenly feel worse instead of feeling better when you start wearing it, you could be experiencing a healing crisis – also known as a “detox reaction.”
  • The effects can be too overwhelming for your body; therefore, It is advised to use it with caution if you have hypertension.
  • It has negative effects if it is not cleaned for a long time.

The positive effects go way beyond its side effects.


The stone has so many benefits and possesses unique properties that it is sometimes hard to clasp on them. The mineraloid is used in many spheres, such as water filtration, EMF protection, physical and spiritual healing, and even gardening. There is a mineral that has no analog in both healing qualities and other diversity of properties. It is called “the stone of life” for a reason and justifies it.